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A Letter From My Son, Giclee Print
A Letter From My Son, Giclee Print
Jesi Lee Design Studio

A Letter From My Son, Giclee Print

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This illustration is printed on high-quality matte card stock with archival ink. Includes a half-inch border for matting. The sizes listed are in inches. 

I love telling the story of how this piece came to life. This was my first and only abstract work of art. I created this when I was pregnant with Dax.

During my pregnancy, I had all of this creative energy yet I struggled to create. I tried drawing flowers, portraits, etc. and nothing.

One night, I grabbed my iPad and plopped it on my giant pregnant belly. I told myself to just "doodle" and see what comes... and out came this.

I think this was my son's way of introducing himself to me. Before the rest of the world met him, there was just us. Before anyone could see his kicks from the outside, I felt them. I felt him flutter in the early weeks like I swallowed a live goldfish. I felt him hiccup, stretch and turn.

I look at this artwork now and I laugh at how accurately this depicts Dax. It embodies everything that my son is; a whirlwind of energy, wild and colorful. 
I titled this "A Letter From My Son" because I think it was his way of talking to me. Telling me how excited he was to meet the world.

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